Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The September Issue.

So, I finally got round to seeing The September Issue at the Ritzy Picturehouse. It was certainly interesting to see what happens behind the scenes at Vogue before the magazine appears on the shelves.

The documentary only confirmed the view of Wintour as cold and emotionless but nethertheless the main force behind Vogue. It was clear that without Wintour's approval...nothing could be put in the magazine. There was many an awkward moment with designers such as Stefano Pilati and members of her team who felt her wrath. The only real warmth was shown to her daughter Bee and in her support of designer Thakoon.

The real star of the show was Grace Coddington, former model and creative director of Vogue, who bears an uncanny similarity to Vivienne Westwood. She was shown to be the brains behind most of the shoots - a magnificent stylist. Further, she exhudes a warmth Anna does not. She is particularly likeable when she argues against the retouching of a stomach for a photo-story and encourages a model to eat a pastry despite claims that the corset will not fit.

Hilarious moments include editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley attempting to play tennis, complete with Louis Vuitton outfit. Also, when Anna removes a photo of a rubber outfit from a shoot entitled 'textures'. The only explanation that the art director can produce is that 'for Anna, rubber is not a texture'.
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