Wednesday, 30 September 2009

No one else could pull off this look...don't even try it.

Style Sightings

Keep finding LFW photos of myself on various fashion blogs.
Love the first shot...can't remember what I was laughing about but it makes for more of an interesting shot I think...a change from the blank stares I usually give haha.

Why I Will Never Be Seen in Trackies and £2 Trainers From Primark Again

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Today... won the treasure hunt at uni to find that the prize was £3 tickets to some club with a pool. We think that we were the only people to enter...they clearly felt sorry for us. We're not going...they can't even give those tickets away haha.
In looking for a 'large object on the ground floor of the engineering department' we were stumped...I thought it might be a trick question and that there might be a fat receptionist or something...

This is why I am glad that I am not a 6 foot guy living in halls with a shower that I can barely stand up in.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Rhiannon, Come Here Baby!

Rather unexpectedly we had another celeb sighting yesterday. On our way to Pret, on a bus, we spotted Katie Price's hairdresser and make up artist. The bus driver wouldn't stop so we had to wait until the next stop where we ran in our heels around Soho, trying to locate the men, much to the amusement of passers by. We got this great group shot - check out the skin tone of the make up artist!
We stayed in Soho for a bit and visited this Sex shop with its hilarious books and got a couple of shots before being told that photos weren't allowed. And then we popped into the GAY club in which there were quite a few guys just sitting on their own, which was sad.
There was a comedy night at my Uni that evening so we dashed it there, Rhiannon blagged her way inside and we heard from Doc Brown [an ex-rapper], some guy who is our age [and about to leave for Cambridge] and Jimmy Mcgee [the headline act and definately the highlight of the show]. Rhiannon befriended some old dudes who then tried to give us a lift but we dodged them. Also, who knew my man voice could have such comical effects?!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Six Sexy Sluts.

So today we headed off to Pret to blag some free food as per usual. Unfortunately, being a Sunday, our regular was already closed. However, we found another close by which was just being locked up. Anyway, the dude didn't believe Rhiannon was from a hostel...and madness ensued. Lets just say she won't be getting a christmas card from him. --
Then we decided to go to the quiz night for freshers at my uni. We were called 'Six Sexy Sluts' [the boys weren't a fan of the name] and came third overall [mainly thanks to the help of the iphone!!].
Oh yeah...this morning I took part in the 10k run at Hampton Court for cancer research. I walked the whole route with my mate and managed to be the last person to cross the finishing line...2 hours and 9 minutes later. What makes this even more hilarious is the fact that I took a short cut and skipped 1km...and still managed to be overtaken by all the old/fat people.

Friday, 25 September 2009

The Sartorialist.

This had to be the morning that I was late for Fashion Week!...I had to register at uni...and missed the opportunity to be shot by The Sartorialist. Check out the site for yourself...the photos have over 100 comments and 90% are about Rhiannon's ensemble.
Millions of compliments and comparisons to Cyndi Lauper/Gaga later...

Bus and Bagel.

This is the famous bagel we blagged while waiting for the bus. We didn't want it without a filling and nor did this we left it on the bus amongst a mess of onions. Funnily enough we saw this driver again today on our travels around london. ---
We went to the bank and paid Rhiannon's rent. Next we decided to pay an impromptu trip to the head of On/Off to discuss showing Rhiannon's collection in February. In preparation, we grabbed some traffic lights, a number plate, loads of fabrics and some sketches from around her flat. My, did we get a few stares on the bus - and some abuse from a tranny. However, on our way we found out that we would be able to get an appointment and so will be waiting till next week.
Paid another visit to Pret for our evening meal...our friend provided us with soup, hot chocolate, baguettes and salads...and it all took little persuasion!! He did ask Rhiannon how old I am and if I have a boyfriend...which explains the generosity and did make things a little awkward...especially after finding out that he lives close to me...

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Electric Cable Below.

1. Here Rhiannon and her friend Flick are posing in her flat...which she is trying to tidy up after hectic fashion week...a work in progress I think. On the left is the minstry of sound balloon from yesterday, when Rhiannon crashed my Freshers Fayre at Uni! We signed up for the Sikh society [free curry every week] and got loads of free baked beans!

2. Decorating her flat...using some free yellow caution tape from a welsh man called David. It was used outside the Sado show but Rhiannon blagged it off him - doesn't it look good?! We were going to put it all around the top of the room but the three strips look much more original.

3. Rhiannon getting ready to go out for a free barbeque in Hoxton - cleaning her teeth. Isn't she hygenic?! Check out her reflection in the mirror - completely by chance!


Our first attempt at having a go on the decks together...or not really together as the needle on one was broken but we'll get that fixed pronto. Rhiannon showed me the ropes and played a few tracks...Neil Diamond...what a legend.


We have finally found some photos from Day Three...via OSOYOU. However, they have incorrectly spelt my blog name which means no exposure! This is probably our most conservative look...with my knee length Jean-Pierre Braganza skirt and Rhiannon's catsuit...without the 'barely there' tights!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Day Six at London Fashion Week.

The last day of fashion week...hasn't it come around quick?!

It was also one of the most eventful days...from blagging more free food from Pret to showing Extra Extra Large who was boss [she totally deserved it]. Try not to overdose on Rolos girrrl.
We have met the most unlikely people to assist us in the fashion world...the latest being the guy who used to play the Doctor from Eastenders - now a businessman.
We also blagged a free bagel from a cafe while waiting for the bus...but ended up leaving it on the bus as there wasn't any lettuce..the Turkish bus driver didn't want it either.
Unlikely meetings can happen on buses, and this is also where Rhiannon pretty much chattedup a schoolboy after finding out his talent for massage...and having an impromptu shoulder massage on the bus.
Rhiannon and I have decided to collaborate by forming a DJ duo so you will probably see us in the clubs soon.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Day Five at London Fashion Week.

So today we queued up to see Carlotta Gherzi for Sado and were told there was only room to stand at the back. In response I looked completely disgusted and we started to walk out. One of the guys organising the event [who has worked with Vivienne Westwood] ran after us in front of the queuing masses, crying out 'girls', 'girls' and took us straight to the front row, right by the press. They even handed Rhiannon a goody bag and started taking photos of us. Furthermore, the stylist we sat next to linked Rhiannon with the man mixing the music, and he was interested in taking part in her February show.
We saw a lady in some kind of designer ensemble that resembled a hot dog! Rhiannon wanted to give her some leaflets to hand out. Also, we literally just walked into the 'Photographer Access Only' zone, infront of the security guard where we found a wealth of goodies including Tesco's finest cookies ha! We also took part in a totally embarrassing interview outside Sado, in which we were asked what we knew of the collection 'nothing' , what we expected 'orange because of the orange invitations' and 'expensive clothes due to the mass of bankers in the queue'. Another highlight must have been walking into Pret A Manger and asking the man [who was clearly checking us out] if there was any free stuff for gorgeous girls. We got two £1.95 hot chocolates in return! Must visit again today.
In other news, I am completely shattered today due to nearly missing the last train home last night and then falling asleep and missing my train stop! And in great timing, my phone's battery died. Thank god for nice train drivers and taxi men who lent me phones to use etc. Didn't get home till 2:30am! First, we went to Mahiki where we found some free booze and oogled at the menu and its £6000 alcohol. There was also an awkward encounter/make-up with Extra Extra Large. Next we went to the afterparty for Sado which was totally lame, only free drinks for the first 50 people - the bar was pretty much empty. And finally, we visited The Den to see some guys band play but its such a small venue that there were more people waiting outside than those inside.
But today is menswear shows so i'm up early!


London Fashion Week Daily

Pretty much everyone has seen this by now but for those who haven''s from the first issue of London Fashion Week Daily...and look who's inside...along with our good friend Andre...This is a nice shot from the first day [by] although it has been retouched to the moon and back.

Day Four at London Fashion Week.

Here Rhiannon is talking to the photographer from Italian Vogue. Fashion Week has been great for making contacts regarding her fashion label Bolshie - you might even see it on the catwalks in February.

One of the best shows so far has to be 'The Immoralist' show by Ziad Ghanem - mainly due to his use of alternative models from various professions [teachers, artists etc]. Siavash from Big Brother also attended, accompanied by his girlfriend [clearly still together even after his blatant cheating on her on national tv!]. She was dressed in complete black, with a black veil [Rhiannon thinks she's still in mourning after being humiliated by him haha].

The Felder Felder show was packed to the brim and held at the enormous Red Bull Fashion Factory. There were a few famous faces to be spotted such as George Lamb [who looked dapper as always] and Little Boots [tiny in the flesh] but the collection didn't stand out.

I wasn't particularly impressed by the attempts of the teenagers of BBC blast to design their own label WO/MAN and ended up relieved that I hadn't been chosen as a model for the show. However, the Dolly Rockers had opened the show and when we met them they expressed a strong interest in having their stage outfits designed by Rhiannon. Watch this space.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Day Three at London Fashion Week

So the madness continues...we didn't see so many shows today as a result of my departure to uni for an 'arrivals lunch'. This is what I found: So I pretty much legged it back to the Strand and we made the Orschel-Read show. After talking to one of the organisers of the event, Rhiannon and I we given free tickets [which cost £16] to an event at Koko in Camden next week.

And it didn't stop there. We were provided with red wristbands and escorted to the VIP section - a world of miniature cupcakes and [of course] more champagne. Furthermore, Rhiannon was offered a free ride home after the show - in a yellow Lotus worth £50,000! We thought it was a joke. I managed to squeeze in the back [just] and was dropped off at the station as I live in the middle of nowhere - while she was driven all the way to Shoreditch by a chauffeur!
Celeb spottings included Naomi CampbEll [who we didn't get too close to, as we value our lives] and Paloma Faith at the Jasmine de Milo presentation.

Day Two at London Fashion Week.

So here's some shots by Vauxhall Fashion Scout [] and Who Shot Bambi [].

We were also papped by Style Sightings and Tommy Ton from Jak and Jil amongst many others.
Saw Jodie Harsh and Fearne Cotton at the PPQ show where amazing dancers entertained those queuing outside. Jodie's hair was the exact same colour as Rhiannon's! It did start to rain but we stood in a phone box much to the amusement of everyone else.

The highlight of my day had to be speaking to Erin O' Connor who is abolutely gorgeous in real life and said she liked my hat - wanted to know where to get one!
So...tomorrow there is an arrivals lunch and welcome party at uni so i'm gonna do my best to see some shows...but we'll have to see what happens.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Day One at London Fashion Week.

So..for a first day at fashion week [ever] this was pretty good. We were shot by every photographer/publication/interviewed you can imagine - including a shot by Yvan from Facehunter.

-Michelle Williams from Destinys child said she liked our hair at the Bernard Chandran show
-We were mistaken for models and shown backstage at the Ioannis Dimitrousis show at the Royal Festival Hall
-Celeb sightings include: Erin O' Connor in a gorgeous Steven Jones hat
-Jameela Jamil falling over in front of all the press in massive heels

In the first show [Caroline Charles] I was moved to the front row...along with Rhiannon who I had only just met [see photo] opposite Boris Johnson and recieved our first goody bag of the day.
It was this show where we spotted Joan Collins and Nick from DIY SOS [!!].Eight shows, a foot massage, much champagne and some tasselled cushions later...and we are a little worse for wear but ready to do it all again tomorrow!

Thursday, 17 September 2009


So last night I attended the launch party for the new collecton at Reiss, which carried on at Punk in Soho with the after party. Lots of champagne, but I must say that the free goody bags were definately a let down - consisting of some chocolate, a bottle of vitamin water and some kind of hair spray. More importantly...the collection. Some great pieces...including gorgous heels and bags laden with bronze studs and an ostrich feather jacket that I definately have my eye on. The winning designs of the Dazed Digital t-shirt competion were also available to purchase, and there were free copies of the latest Dazed and Confused for all attending. I also went to a couple of pop up shops earlier in the day. The On/Off boutique in Carnaby Street had some great pieces by the likes of Jasper Garvida and Avsh Alom Gur but was totally out of my price range, with items selling for about £350+. But it is worth popping down as the boutique will play host to a series of live fashion shows, interviews and backstage footage during fashion week.
The better find was the Hannah Marshall vs. Jean-Pierre Braganza pop up shop just behind Marble Arch station. Everything was severely discounted with dresses selling for £100-£200 and skirts/trousers for £90. I couldn't resist and ended up purchasing a gorgeous Jean-Pierre Braganza bodycon skirt, with structured shaping at the sides - creating something that a character in Star Trek might wear. I will definately make another trip before the 30th.
We were served by the lovely Levi Palmer who has assisted both Zandra Rhodes and Jean-Pierre Braganza - a graduate from St Martins in Men's fashion design. Funnily enough, I bumped into Levi at the Reiss Launch Party!