Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Skull and Bones

Top row: Wendy Brandes, Delfina Delettrez, McQueen, Giles and Brother
Second row: McQueen, McQueen, Jade Jagger, Patricia Nicolas
Third row: Nuit, McQueen, Jessica Kagan, Nuit

Love the dramatic red of the McQueen skulls and intricate detail of his ring. And not forgetting the Swarovski crystals for eyes - definite statement pieces.

I adore everything by Delfina [you must check out her fist bracelets!] but the surreal and unique skeleton hand bracelet is my favourite.

The Giles and Brother studs and the ghoulish necklace from Jade Jagger are very goth modern and fierce staples to your wardrobe! Finally, the bows on both Nuit bracelets creates a more girly style.

Photos - Shopstyle

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