Sunday, 1 November 2009


Taken in a free photobooth at Glam Show live where we found ourselves in the VIP area, consuming a total of 11 champagne glasses each [each worth £8]. We helped ourselves to the buffet lunch and watched the fashion show - as well as meeting a pregnant Nicky Hambleton-Jones.

Glam Show was held at Earls Court, where Britains Got Talent were holding auditions the same day. We wandered in and talked the talk - ending up escorted upstairs where we were told we would be filmed while singing infront of the producers of the show - the judges were not there.

However, we bottled it [remembering that crucially, we can't sing] and asked to go to the toilet - where we stayed for goodness knows how long - trying to think of a plan to make a quick exit...and then just legged it as fast as possible out of there!

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  1. Your make-up is amazing, it even makes me wish I did hallowe'en!