Thursday, 24 September 2009

Electric Cable Below.

1. Here Rhiannon and her friend Flick are posing in her flat...which she is trying to tidy up after hectic fashion week...a work in progress I think. On the left is the minstry of sound balloon from yesterday, when Rhiannon crashed my Freshers Fayre at Uni! We signed up for the Sikh society [free curry every week] and got loads of free baked beans!

2. Decorating her flat...using some free yellow caution tape from a welsh man called David. It was used outside the Sado show but Rhiannon blagged it off him - doesn't it look good?! We were going to put it all around the top of the room but the three strips look much more original.

3. Rhiannon getting ready to go out for a free barbeque in Hoxton - cleaning her teeth. Isn't she hygenic?! Check out her reflection in the mirror - completely by chance!

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