Friday, 25 September 2009

Bus and Bagel.

This is the famous bagel we blagged while waiting for the bus. We didn't want it without a filling and nor did this we left it on the bus amongst a mess of onions. Funnily enough we saw this driver again today on our travels around london. ---
We went to the bank and paid Rhiannon's rent. Next we decided to pay an impromptu trip to the head of On/Off to discuss showing Rhiannon's collection in February. In preparation, we grabbed some traffic lights, a number plate, loads of fabrics and some sketches from around her flat. My, did we get a few stares on the bus - and some abuse from a tranny. However, on our way we found out that we would be able to get an appointment and so will be waiting till next week.
Paid another visit to Pret for our evening meal...our friend provided us with soup, hot chocolate, baguettes and salads...and it all took little persuasion!! He did ask Rhiannon how old I am and if I have a boyfriend...which explains the generosity and did make things a little awkward...especially after finding out that he lives close to me...

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