Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Day Five at London Fashion Week.

So today we queued up to see Carlotta Gherzi for Sado and were told there was only room to stand at the back. In response I looked completely disgusted and we started to walk out. One of the guys organising the event [who has worked with Vivienne Westwood] ran after us in front of the queuing masses, crying out 'girls', 'girls' and took us straight to the front row, right by the press. They even handed Rhiannon a goody bag and started taking photos of us. Furthermore, the stylist we sat next to linked Rhiannon with the man mixing the music, and he was interested in taking part in her February show.
We saw a lady in some kind of designer ensemble that resembled a hot dog! Rhiannon wanted to give her some leaflets to hand out. Also, we literally just walked into the 'Photographer Access Only' zone, infront of the security guard where we found a wealth of goodies including Tesco's finest cookies ha! We also took part in a totally embarrassing interview outside Sado, in which we were asked what we knew of the collection 'nothing' , what we expected 'orange because of the orange invitations' and 'expensive clothes due to the mass of bankers in the queue'. Another highlight must have been walking into Pret A Manger and asking the man [who was clearly checking us out] if there was any free stuff for gorgeous girls. We got two £1.95 hot chocolates in return! Must visit again today.
In other news, I am completely shattered today due to nearly missing the last train home last night and then falling asleep and missing my train stop! And in great timing, my phone's battery died. Thank god for nice train drivers and taxi men who lent me phones to use etc. Didn't get home till 2:30am! First, we went to Mahiki where we found some free booze and oogled at the menu and its £6000 alcohol. There was also an awkward encounter/make-up with Extra Extra Large. Next we went to the afterparty for Sado which was totally lame, only free drinks for the first 50 people - the bar was pretty much empty. And finally, we visited The Den to see some guys band play but its such a small venue that there were more people waiting outside than those inside.
But today is menswear shows so i'm up early!

photos: streetstylelondon.blogspot.com

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