Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Day Six at London Fashion Week.

The last day of fashion week...hasn't it come around quick?!

It was also one of the most eventful days...from blagging more free food from Pret to showing Extra Extra Large who was boss [she totally deserved it]. Try not to overdose on Rolos girrrl.
We have met the most unlikely people to assist us in the fashion world...the latest being the guy who used to play the Doctor from Eastenders - now a businessman.
We also blagged a free bagel from a cafe while waiting for the bus...but ended up leaving it on the bus as there wasn't any lettuce..the Turkish bus driver didn't want it either.
Unlikely meetings can happen on buses, and this is also where Rhiannon pretty much chattedup a schoolboy after finding out his talent for massage...and having an impromptu shoulder massage on the bus.
Rhiannon and I have decided to collaborate by forming a DJ duo so you will probably see us in the clubs soon.

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