Monday, 28 September 2009

Rhiannon, Come Here Baby!

Rather unexpectedly we had another celeb sighting yesterday. On our way to Pret, on a bus, we spotted Katie Price's hairdresser and make up artist. The bus driver wouldn't stop so we had to wait until the next stop where we ran in our heels around Soho, trying to locate the men, much to the amusement of passers by. We got this great group shot - check out the skin tone of the make up artist!
We stayed in Soho for a bit and visited this Sex shop with its hilarious books and got a couple of shots before being told that photos weren't allowed. And then we popped into the GAY club in which there were quite a few guys just sitting on their own, which was sad.
There was a comedy night at my Uni that evening so we dashed it there, Rhiannon blagged her way inside and we heard from Doc Brown [an ex-rapper], some guy who is our age [and about to leave for Cambridge] and Jimmy Mcgee [the headline act and definately the highlight of the show]. Rhiannon befriended some old dudes who then tried to give us a lift but we dodged them. Also, who knew my man voice could have such comical effects?!

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