Sunday, 27 September 2009

Six Sexy Sluts.

So today we headed off to Pret to blag some free food as per usual. Unfortunately, being a Sunday, our regular was already closed. However, we found another close by which was just being locked up. Anyway, the dude didn't believe Rhiannon was from a hostel...and madness ensued. Lets just say she won't be getting a christmas card from him. --
Then we decided to go to the quiz night for freshers at my uni. We were called 'Six Sexy Sluts' [the boys weren't a fan of the name] and came third overall [mainly thanks to the help of the iphone!!].
Oh yeah...this morning I took part in the 10k run at Hampton Court for cancer research. I walked the whole route with my mate and managed to be the last person to cross the finishing line...2 hours and 9 minutes later. What makes this even more hilarious is the fact that I took a short cut and skipped 1km...and still managed to be overtaken by all the old/fat people.

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